Our community budget priorities

Kalihi Valley Budget Priorities

In response to a communication I sent out on the Kalihi Valley Newsletter, I received the following input on community concerns which should be incorporated into the city budget.

  1. Installation of traffic calming devices like speed bumps on Perry Street which leads directly to DeCorte Neighborhood Park.

  2. Speed reduction measures on Kalihi Street along with flashing lights at every crosswalk

  3. Funding for a beta project for parking and sidewalks, in which off-street parking is encouraged and facilitated by the city, and concurrently sidewalks are kept clear for pedestrian use (for example, Kalihi Street above Kalihi Uka School, and Kamehameha IV Road between Kaumualii and Middle/School street)

    • Phase 1.  Sidewalk installation on the mountain-side of Kalihi Street between Monte St and Nalanieha. Cand be rolled curbs, min. 3-feet wide. 

    • Phase 2.  Notice to owners on the Likelike side of parking restrictions to come.

    • Phase 3. Sidewalks between Nalanieha and Kuikele.

  4. Repaving of North King Street, especially from Kalihi street to Middle

  5. Increased funding for stream maintenance cleaning from the City and County. 

  6. Increased funding for public education about, and enforcement of, city fireworks ordinances

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- Ikaika Hussey